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Creative Celebration Ideas

When I read this post to the list, I thought how much it sounded like me! I love to celebrate with nice dinners out, as does my husband. But we just recently moved to Milwaukee and are strapped right now from the moving costs and such. Additionally, our rent (with parking — since that is a major commodity in downtown Milwaukee) is almost $800 per month. We made the decision to have that much rent with the knowledge that gas prices aren’t cheap and we share a car so both of us need to be able to get to work in downtown. I know I’m rambling, but bear with me.

I have to ramble on about rent that expensive, only because I’ve never paid that much rent in my life – I think it’s outrageous. However, there was another huge reason we decided to move into the apartment we did. The view! We live on the 7th floor and have an incredible view of Lake Michigan. Now here’s where I get to tie it into Creative Celebrations…. I’m no longer nearly as interested in eating out in expensive, fancy restaurants. We have such a fabulous view that we put our dining table in front of the bay window (instead of the actual dining area — which we made into an office).

We have a nice dinner (at the table with tablecloth, candles, nice glasses, etc), approximately 2-3 times per week) — except on Wednesdays… (we eat in front of the TV so I can be disgruntled about who’s getting kicked off Survivor!). Our big nights out now are at BW3, when they’re having 50c leg or 25c wing nights. Then we splurge a bit because we like to play NTN video trivia and it’s free. We have dinner, drinks and entertainment for about $15 on those nights. Other times, we might take a picnic lunch down to the park or beach on the weekend. I also used to eat out lunch a lot, but have discovered something else that really curbs that desire.

We buy really good bread (Rosemary Cheese, Jalapeno, Spinach Feta, etc) and make our own sandwiches. No longer at lunchtime do I think about that crappy sandwich in the fridge. Now I look forward to bringing a sandwich because it’s practically gourmet for way less than lunch costs.