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Working a couple shifts a month

Working a couple shifts a month to bring home that kind of $$? Yep, I’d do it! 🙂 I work for a temp agency to bring in a bit extra…and I’ve taken on 2 assignments from them. One assignment should go to 2004…but it’s covering meetings. So I only work when there’s a mtg. Now this other one…it was supposed to be a one or 2 day assignment…basic office work. Well, looks like I’m there whenever I can be..LOL! But that’s okay….it’s money coming in that we can use for debt reduction! 🙂 I can also control how often I really work…at least for the 2nd assignment. 🙂

I was a SAHM for 8 years before I took this temp work.

I would keep the door open if I were you. I’m sure your job isn’t cake all the time but like you said it’s low stress and perfect hours for your situation. Plus that little extra money would be nice for little extras that always seem to come up. Also when kids get older there seems to be more things that come up that require money. Even if you only did 2 shifts a month that would be a little bit extra plus you would keep your seniority if you decided you wanted to do more shifts sometime later in the future when the baby is older or just from time to time if something unexpected came up. Personally I think for your own piece of mind also…it would be good to get out from time to time.

Also, I would jump at the chance to make that kind of money for just two days of work.

I work in a church nursery and bring home $125 a month working just two hours each Sunday – but I would love to have twice that.

I’m in serious need of extra cash without working for it – LOL. I think I may try my hand at eBay. I have a bunch of stuff my mom left me that I could sell, along with my Dicken’s Village that is collecting dust in the garage. Maybe that would tide us over until the back to school stuff calms down…

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I agree – wait and see

For me, getting out of debt would be very important … and since you do not have to put your kids in day they still really have a SAHM. The only problem it seems you would face is the ‘tired mommy’ syndrome — but judging from your posts, I don’t get that impression — besides, even those of us who don’t work are tired mommies!)

We are going through a big transition in our family — moving back to MN where I grew up, husband getting into a new line of work and possibily going back to school. We just had our 4th child 2 weeks ago. It is a strange time for us as we will be going from a regular monthly salary to comission based pay. Kinda scary for me. I personally am keeping all my options open for working — looking into doing something from home, possibly subsitute teaching or tutoring when dh is home, or maybe nothing at all. Fortunately we have an EF equal to about 3 months pay, but I sure would hate to see that depleted!!!! If we have to use it, I’d rather use it for a downpayment on a house. Anyway, my first choice always has been and always will be to stay at home with my kids (they are 3 1/2, 2 1/2 (twins), and 2 weeks). But if I have to I will work, but ONLY IF my husband can be home with them — they like their daddy time too 🙂

I usually just read what everyone else writes, but two days a month for that money is great..If you have good child care and don’t hate leaving them for that long, then I’d go for it and I really believe in staying at home when one can. When my oldest was a baby, (now 34 almost) I substitute taught for 20 dollars a day. My neighbor who also had a baby, kept mine and I paid her 5 dollars. Her husband had left her and she was thrilled to have that much money..Now we are talking back in the early 60’s and we both thought we were rolling in dough..but I wouldn’t want to leave one full time if I could possibly help it. Two days a month is not even like leaving them it seems to me but it is your all’s decision and I see now where you said your children would be asleep..Sounds wonderful..

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Question – sahm’s and paying off debts

Well i told my boss i am pregnant – and will probably take my leave in January and take at least 6 months- ( left her a note as i never see her as i work weekend / or nights) she called me this week and was soo nice – she was like “oh and don’t worry your seniority will be held for when you want to come back” ( i basically am a sub – i fill in shifts when they are available – they call to ask who wants what shifts based on seniority)

Since we have paid off the minivan -i probably will be able to quit all together when the baby is born as long as nothing comes up – that is what scares me – the something coming up – i ALWAYS was the one to work an extra shift etc. when that happened and that will be unavailable- It will be extremely tight no extra $ at all – and i cannot imagine anywhere else i can cut back (i mean 200 a month for food cleaning beauty paper is pretty darned low for 6 of us soon to be 7 !!)

( oh and i get my AOL for free since i get reimbursed for doing testing for a site every week and honestly $20 isn’t gonna save the deal anyway )

i really think i can do it but do not want to severe ties with work totally just in case we have a problem (plus in 2 years Ds goes to high school and we go private that is a lot of money that’s not in the budget now )

So my question – IF you had the ability to go to work say 2 days a month -at a low stress job you actually liked – NOT have all the problems that go along with work ( child care – milage – clothing – food etc etc ) and would bring in probably $350 ( after taxes ) a month to help pay off debt for those two shifts would you consider it – ??

If i was debt free that would be one thing but i feel that the debts will just sit at the same place being paid off very slowly just the minimums if i am at home FT (unless DH gets a huge raise which is highly unlikely ) and 16 hours a month – well to be honest i know sham’s that go out one night a week and leave their kids for that same amt of time a month easily – which i rarely if ever do – and they will be with their dad

I think I am nuts — I mean I am finally – 99 % possibly able to be at home FT but NOT HAVING to work actually makes working maybe 2 x a month more appealing as it will get us out of debt sooner ( of course the baby would have to be 6 months to a year old for me to do it !!)

As I said it wound not be like leaving my kids to work fulltime it would be 2 x a month when they are asleep anyway – I leave when they are asleep ( 9:45pm and get home before they even awake ( 6: 15 am ) – and of course if they were sick I wouldn’t go in at all)

Boy am I confused LOL!!