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Now i remember my dad did the 52 weeks a year figuring with is budget – but that confuses me as i like to just figure one month at a time and i really like teh ” extra” ck every six months

Yep! We get paid once a month–which I like but then that’s all I’ve ever known. Anyway, I think it was Mary Hunt who suggested treating every month as if it only had 4 weeks. That last week might be a little long some times but it gets treated exactly the same in the budget as the other weeks. That I can handle. The game I “play” (seeing as I don’t get those “extra” two paychecks)is to save a bit here and there off the the budget and let the checking account accumulate up to the value of one month’s living expenses.

Once I get there, I can deposit the next paycheck right into savings or whatever big expense I want to put it toward. I only manage that about once a year but it is so fun to get that paycheck and think of it as “free money”–instead of “already spent” money!