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Gotta love Aldi’s!!!

I’m in such a good mood. First of all let me say that I grew up on Chef Boyardee. My mom hated cooking, and we would have a lot of “on your own” nights, which I personally loved. She would keep Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Spaghetti & Meatballs on hand and my brother and I loved them…and still do.

I think I must be the only 30 year old around that still eat it…and my brother must be the only 37 year old. Anyway, Aldi’s has their version and I bought a can…but was nervous. I will eat generic of anything, but generic ravioli is usually nasty. Meijer’s brand is awful! So I bit the bullet tonight and tried Aldi’s and guess what!!! IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

If you had told me it was Chef Boyardees I would have believed you. It’s half the price….59 a can vs. 1.29. THis just made my day!!!

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My studio is open!

Hi! I just had to tell you all that my business partner Liz and I finally opened our Soap and Candle Studio! To make our first rental payment I decided to visit wegot1000 and apply for personal loan. My credit score is high so I new the approval was almost guaranteed! Never were to personal loans before, but everything went cool. That was really wise decision.

It’s wonderful in that I can make all the products and SHE can manage the $$…we are doing what each of us is best at. 🙂 And the *really* good news is that tomorrow I get my FIRST paycheck…for $25.00!!! LOL I will be thrilled. It sure isn’t what I made as a teacher, but I can take baby Tanner to work with me every day (we set it up with a kid/playroom all for him, plus of course he likes to come sit under the sink while I am working), I can take a break when my big pregnant tummy says I must, and I can work the hours that are best for me. 🙂

And maybe next month I will be looking at $50.00 a week! LOLOL With Liz in charge of the $$ I can really see how little things add up. We have not had any sales over $40 yet, but we have over $200 in the “fixed expenses” account, plus another $80 for supplies. If *I* had been in charge, I have no doubt that the $$ would all be gone and I would be wondering where it went…*sigh* I hope I will be able to learn from her example.

Hugs karol