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I just thought that I would re-introduce myself

Hello! I just thought that I would re-introduce myself. I was on the “original” CB list but was having problems with the computer and finally after 3 months it’s up and running again. I went through some minor withdrawals away from the computer and was disappointed to say the least that CB was no longer a list. I’m glad to have found this one though and “see” all the “familiar faces”.

My name is Alice Anne, wife to Bo, extremely proud Mommy to Adam who will be 1 yo on the 26th of this month. We are currently stationed at Fort Stewart GA with the US Army.

I have a small success to report. While on forced vacation from the computer we paid off one of our lines of credit!! We still have a ways to go, but if all goes according to plan all major expenses other than the car will be paid off by October of this year and then we can start hitting the smaller bills pretty hard and be debt free (with the exception of the car payment) by the end of 2001 at the very latest.

Since being back on-line I have started to get in the old routine of the PPs and am looking forward to saving the GCs for Christmas. The original plan was to use them towards Adam’s Birthday gifts but that fell through when the computer died.

Also, my biggest bargain while away was a regal bread machine for $25. The local Wal-Mart was closing to move into a SuperCenter and it was discounted merchandise the day before they closed so I snatched it up. When I got it home though it didn’t have an instruction booklet so I called their 800# and they are sending me a booklet free of charge and also a part that was missing (come to find out). I’m looking forward to using it often.

I’ve had some other breakthroughs while off-line that I would like to share but right now I need to get off the computer and spend time with my husband since he leaves tomorrow for a month.

Looking forward to all the wonderful ideas once again,