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Julie Stokes

I planted a lettuce called Anuenue that I bought from Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog this summer. Our weather is very hot and dry here and it did well. I lay down soaker hoses and then cover the whole business with black plastic to keep it weed-free. I work full-time and couldn’t garden if I didn’t do it that way. This was the first lettuce I had tried to grow in a long time because I never liked homegrown, but it was very good and this is their description:

50 days (suitable for container and greenhouse)

“Compact, crispy, and totally non-bitter. Thick crisp outer leaves surround a round, well-packed heart. Bright, glossy green. At maturity, resembles a very small iceberg lettuce, only much more heat resistant and easier to grow. Spring, summer, and fall crop. Developed by the U. of Hawaii where the name (pron. ah-new-ee-new-ee) means rainbow.

Here is a link to buy some seeds: