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Working a couple shifts a month

Working a couple shifts a month to bring home that kind of $$? Yep, I’d do it! 🙂 I work for a temp agency to bring in a bit extra…and I’ve taken on 2 assignments from them. One assignment should go to 2004…but it’s covering meetings. So I only work when there’s a mtg. Now this other one…it was supposed to be a one or 2 day assignment…basic office work. Well, looks like I’m there whenever I can be..LOL! But that’s okay….it’s money coming in that we can use for debt reduction! 🙂 I can also control how often I really work…at least for the 2nd assignment. 🙂

I was a SAHM for 8 years before I took this temp work.

I would keep the door open if I were you. I’m sure your job isn’t cake all the time but like you said it’s low stress and perfect hours for your situation. Plus that little extra money would be nice for little extras that always seem to come up. Also when kids get older there seems to be more things that come up that require money. Even if you only did 2 shifts a month that would be a little bit extra plus you would keep your seniority if you decided you wanted to do more shifts sometime later in the future when the baby is older or just from time to time if something unexpected came up. Personally I think for your own piece of mind also…it would be good to get out from time to time.

Also, I would jump at the chance to make that kind of money for just two days of work.

I work in a church nursery and bring home $125 a month working just two hours each Sunday – but I would love to have twice that.

I’m in serious need of extra cash without working for it – LOL. I think I may try my hand at eBay. I have a bunch of stuff my mom left me that I could sell, along with my Dicken’s Village that is collecting dust in the garage. Maybe that would tide us over until the back to school stuff calms down…