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I agree – wait and see

For me, getting out of debt would be very important … and since you do not have to put your kids in day they still really have a SAHM. The only problem it seems you would face is the ‘tired mommy’ syndrome — but judging from your posts, I don’t get that impression — besides, even those of us who don’t work are tired mommies!)

We are going through a big transition in our family — moving back to MN where I grew up, husband getting into a new line of work and possibily going back to school. We just had our 4th child 2 weeks ago. It is a strange time for us as we will be going from a regular monthly salary to comission based pay. Kinda scary for me. I personally am keeping all my options open for working — looking into doing something from home, possibly subsitute teaching or tutoring when dh is home, or maybe nothing at all. Fortunately we have an EF equal to about 3 months pay, but I sure would hate to see that depleted!!!! If we have to use it, I’d rather use it for a downpayment on a house. Anyway, my first choice always has been and always will be to stay at home with my kids (they are 3 1/2, 2 1/2 (twins), and 2 weeks). But if I have to I will work, but ONLY IF my husband can be home with them — they like their daddy time too 🙂

I usually just read what everyone else writes, but two days a month for that money is great..If you have good child care and don’t hate leaving them for that long, then I’d go for it and I really believe in staying at home when one can. When my oldest was a baby, (now 34 almost) I substitute taught for 20 dollars a day. My neighbor who also had a baby, kept mine and I paid her 5 dollars. Her husband had left her and she was thrilled to have that much money..Now we are talking back in the early 60’s and we both thought we were rolling in dough..but I wouldn’t want to leave one full time if I could possibly help it. Two days a month is not even like leaving them it seems to me but it is your all’s decision and I see now where you said your children would be asleep..Sounds wonderful..