Sears new credit card

Did anyone else get the new Mastercard from Sears. It seems that Sears has closed out all of it’s old accounts that used the Sears card and converted them over to a Mastercard with the Sears logo on it.

Of course, this is to help them gain even more profits, since they can now charge higher interest rates on non-Sears purchases.

I don’t know about all of you, but this really ticks me off. I am sure many people will be happy to have a new Mastercard without taking into effect what this can do to credit ratings and increasing debt.

As for me, I very rarely used my Sears card in the first place, so I will continue that practice and always pay it off each month like I did before.

Diane K. in Ohio

p.s. My back to school shopping consisted of getting down from the attic the bag of clothes from my SIL and then letting DS (6) go through them and pick out what he would like “new” to wear to school this year.

And a thanks to whomever mentioned about the Elmer glue stick price at Walmart – 2 in a package for 0.25. Beats paying 1.59 for one in a package at Office Max. I bought 8 packages, this should take us through to next year when hopefully they will be on sale again. Thanks