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Just when things look bad

Our budget has been looking pretty bleak lately. We had a lot of unexpected bills (car, glasses,etc) that my dh thought I should start looking for a job. Well my son is starting Jr. High and my dd is going to a new elementary school and I really feel I should be home for them.

Well today my dh called from work and he was given a promotion today and a 9% raise and another 3% in March. He has worked for the Co. for 11 years but only 9 months at this plant. A few employee’s have been there for 7years and have never been given a promotion so I’m feeling a little blessed tonight!.

The only change we have to make is going from a weekly paycheck to twice a month paychecks which will always be the same (salary pay).

Any hints on how to convert over?? Thanks for listening! I don’t have to get a job-well I have one I just don’t get paid in money.