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Limitedtoo and Sears sale

I took my 9yo dd to the “mall” today. Sears was having a big clearance sale and we got a coupon in the mail for an extra 10% off when you used a Sears card. Well I dont have one but my dad does so Grandpa went shopping with us (he had fun I think-lol) My dd went right for the clearance racks and found some great deals plus they had some stretch denim flared pants for 8.98 (she wont wear anything but these or leggings and only when her little legs start to turn blue in dresses during the winter).

Well my dad put it on his cc and I then wrote a check to Sears and paid it on his acct. The clerk was a little bothered but hey 10% is 10%. After we went to Limitedtoo (I’ve never bought anything there before).

They are having a great clearance sale!!! We got shorts, dresses and t-shirts for 4.99 plus if you spent 50.oo the give you a $25.00 off coupon for your next 50.00 purchase. Well they had a coat for $50.00 that I think Santa’s elfs will get for $25.00 in a few weeks-lol. Not only did we get a lot of deals we also had fun.