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Gotta love Aldi’s!!!

I’m in such a good mood. First of all let me say that I grew up on Chef Boyardee. My mom hated cooking, and we would have a lot of “on your own” nights, which I personally loved. She would keep Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Spaghetti & Meatballs on hand and my brother and I loved them…and still do.

I think I must be the only 30 year old around that still eat it…and my brother must be the only 37 year old. Anyway, Aldi’s has their version and I bought a can…but was nervous. I will eat generic of anything, but generic ravioli is usually nasty. Meijer’s brand is awful! So I bit the bullet tonight and tried Aldi’s and guess what!!! IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

If you had told me it was Chef Boyardees I would have believed you. It’s half the price….59 a can vs. 1.29. THis just made my day!!!

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Julie Stokes

I planted a lettuce called Anuenue that I bought from Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog this summer. Our weather is very hot and dry here and it did well. I lay down soaker hoses and then cover the whole business with black plastic to keep it weed-free. I work full-time and couldn’t garden if I didn’t do it that way. This was the first lettuce I had tried to grow in a long time because I never liked homegrown, but it was very good and this is their description:

50 days (suitable for container and greenhouse)

“Compact, crispy, and totally non-bitter. Thick crisp outer leaves surround a round, well-packed heart. Bright, glossy green. At maturity, resembles a very small iceberg lettuce, only much more heat resistant and easier to grow. Spring, summer, and fall crop. Developed by the U. of Hawaii where the name (pron. ah-new-ee-new-ee) means rainbow.

Here is a link to buy some seeds:

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Working a couple shifts a month

Working a couple shifts a month to bring home that kind of $$? Yep, I’d do it! 🙂 I work for a temp agency to bring in a bit extra…and I’ve taken on 2 assignments from them. One assignment should go to 2004…but it’s covering meetings. So I only work when there’s a mtg. Now this other one…it was supposed to be a one or 2 day assignment…basic office work. Well, looks like I’m there whenever I can be..LOL! But that’s okay….it’s money coming in that we can use for debt reduction! 🙂 I can also control how often I really work…at least for the 2nd assignment. 🙂

I was a SAHM for 8 years before I took this temp work.

I would keep the door open if I were you. I’m sure your job isn’t cake all the time but like you said it’s low stress and perfect hours for your situation. Plus that little extra money would be nice for little extras that always seem to come up. Also when kids get older there seems to be more things that come up that require money. Even if you only did 2 shifts a month that would be a little bit extra plus you would keep your seniority if you decided you wanted to do more shifts sometime later in the future when the baby is older or just from time to time if something unexpected came up. Personally I think for your own piece of mind also…it would be good to get out from time to time.

Also, I would jump at the chance to make that kind of money for just two days of work.

I work in a church nursery and bring home $125 a month working just two hours each Sunday – but I would love to have twice that.

I’m in serious need of extra cash without working for it – LOL. I think I may try my hand at eBay. I have a bunch of stuff my mom left me that I could sell, along with my Dicken’s Village that is collecting dust in the garage. Maybe that would tide us over until the back to school stuff calms down…

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I agree – wait and see

For me, getting out of debt would be very important … and since you do not have to put your kids in day they still really have a SAHM. The only problem it seems you would face is the ‘tired mommy’ syndrome — but judging from your posts, I don’t get that impression — besides, even those of us who don’t work are tired mommies!)

We are going through a big transition in our family — moving back to MN where I grew up, husband getting into a new line of work and possibily going back to school. We just had our 4th child 2 weeks ago. It is a strange time for us as we will be going from a regular monthly salary to comission based pay. Kinda scary for me. I personally am keeping all my options open for working — looking into doing something from home, possibly subsitute teaching or tutoring when dh is home, or maybe nothing at all. Fortunately we have an EF equal to about 3 months pay, but I sure would hate to see that depleted!!!! If we have to use it, I’d rather use it for a downpayment on a house. Anyway, my first choice always has been and always will be to stay at home with my kids (they are 3 1/2, 2 1/2 (twins), and 2 weeks). But if I have to I will work, but ONLY IF my husband can be home with them — they like their daddy time too 🙂

I usually just read what everyone else writes, but two days a month for that money is great..If you have good child care and don’t hate leaving them for that long, then I’d go for it and I really believe in staying at home when one can. When my oldest was a baby, (now 34 almost) I substitute taught for 20 dollars a day. My neighbor who also had a baby, kept mine and I paid her 5 dollars. Her husband had left her and she was thrilled to have that much money..Now we are talking back in the early 60’s and we both thought we were rolling in dough..but I wouldn’t want to leave one full time if I could possibly help it. Two days a month is not even like leaving them it seems to me but it is your all’s decision and I see now where you said your children would be asleep..Sounds wonderful..

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I am starting to put in my fall garden here in very hot San antonio. I have tomatoes and egg plant planted. I will plant butternut and kale. I also have mint and basil in another area. I would like to plant lettuce.

The last time I tried I used the county extension suggestions and it was a very bitter lettuce. I was wandering what lettuce grows great and tastes pretty good too.

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I just thought that I would re-introduce myself

Hello! I just thought that I would re-introduce myself. I was on the “original” CB list but was having problems with the computer and finally after 3 months it’s up and running again. I went through some minor withdrawals away from the computer and was disappointed to say the least that CB was no longer a list. I’m glad to have found this one though and “see” all the “familiar faces”.

My name is Alice Anne, wife to Bo, extremely proud Mommy to Adam who will be 1 yo on the 26th of this month. We are currently stationed at Fort Stewart GA with the US Army.

I have a small success to report. While on forced vacation from the computer we paid off one of our lines of credit!! We still have a ways to go, but if all goes according to plan all major expenses other than the car will be paid off by October of this year and then we can start hitting the smaller bills pretty hard and be debt free (with the exception of the car payment) by the end of 2001 at the very latest.

Since being back on-line I have started to get in the old routine of the PPs and am looking forward to saving the GCs for Christmas. The original plan was to use them towards Adam’s Birthday gifts but that fell through when the computer died.

Also, my biggest bargain while away was a regal bread machine for $25. The local Wal-Mart was closing to move into a SuperCenter and it was discounted merchandise the day before they closed so I snatched it up. When I got it home though it didn’t have an instruction booklet so I called their 800# and they are sending me a booklet free of charge and also a part that was missing (come to find out). I’m looking forward to using it often.

I’ve had some other breakthroughs while off-line that I would like to share but right now I need to get off the computer and spend time with my husband since he leaves tomorrow for a month.

Looking forward to all the wonderful ideas once again,

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My studio is open!

Hi! I just had to tell you all that my business partner Liz and I finally opened our Soap and Candle Studio! To make our first rental payment I decided to visit wegot1000 and apply for personal loan. My credit score is high so I new the approval was almost guaranteed! Never were to personal loans before, but everything went cool. That was really wise decision.

It’s wonderful in that I can make all the products and SHE can manage the $$…we are doing what each of us is best at. 🙂 And the *really* good news is that tomorrow I get my FIRST paycheck…for $25.00!!! LOL I will be thrilled. It sure isn’t what I made as a teacher, but I can take baby Tanner to work with me every day (we set it up with a kid/playroom all for him, plus of course he likes to come sit under the sink while I am working), I can take a break when my big pregnant tummy says I must, and I can work the hours that are best for me. 🙂

And maybe next month I will be looking at $50.00 a week! LOLOL With Liz in charge of the $$ I can really see how little things add up. We have not had any sales over $40 yet, but we have over $200 in the “fixed expenses” account, plus another $80 for supplies. If *I* had been in charge, I have no doubt that the $$ would all be gone and I would be wondering where it went…*sigh* I hope I will be able to learn from her example.

Hugs karol

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I thought that I would lay out my menu for our family for dinner

Hi all,

I thought that I would lay out my menu for our family for dinner for the last 8 days. I manage to keep our grocery bills down to about $160.00-$180.00 a month on average for a family of 5 and that includes dog and cat food and cat litter along with paper products, etc.. We have 2 big dogs, 3 cats and 12 fish! A regular zoo!

Here is what we ate:

Cheese and Crackers, (video night at our house)

Teriyaki beef on a bun, apricots, necterines and peaces, green salad (from our garden)

Lemon-dill trout (caught by the kids and I while on vacation with my parents in Montana), cheese scalloped potatoes (potatoes that my kids helped to plant and harvest in a friend’s garden), green salad (from our garden), steamed green and yellow beans (from our garden)

Corn on the cob feast! (corn from a friend that gave me a case of it), watermelon (given to us by a friend in exchange for some of the corn we gave her), homemade biscuits, green salad (again from our garden), jams and jellies

Pasta salad (made with tri-colored pasta noodles, diced cheese, vegis and italian dressing), fruit

Leftovers, make your own and a quick stir fry for Mom

Potato/Corn chowder (using some of those potatoes the kids dug, a couple of huge Walla Walla Sweet onions given to me by a friend {she had 2 boxes of them and was given them free} and some of the leftover corn on the cob), homemade cornbread, cucumbers in vinegar sauce, honey, jam and butter

Spaghetti with italian sausage, onions and tomatoes, green salad (garden), homemade biscuits

My husband and I homeschool our 3 boys, oldest will be 13 in October and the twins will be 11 at the end of this month. We are living on 1 income and a very low one at that (about $1,200 per month while my husband retrains in a different field of work). We tithe 10% before taxes and do so joyfully. God does reward a cheerful giver!!!! He is the one that helps lead us to all the good deals and makes the money stretch so far!

Our garden is very small. We do have 3 fruit trees (1 summer apple, and 2 cherries sweet/sour) and a huge rhubbarb plant! I also grow mint and garlic. Our small garden area has strawberries, lettuce, oregano and thyme (used fresh and dried), cilantro, spinach, cauliflower, brocolli, green and yellow beans, and tons of tomatoes! We can, dehydrate and freeze our bounty as well as share with others. We have friends with raspberry patches and have found wild plums and italian prune plums growing along the sides of the roads (we live in a rural area). I also shop the produce sales and farmer’s markets and freeze blueberries, blackberries (found growing wild), peaces, etc. along with cherries from our trees.

We have been blessed with bargains when it comes to homeschooling supplies. I buy alot of them used, make use of the local libraries, have gotten a lot of Christian biographies from a local free book store (part of a church’s ministry and these were the exact books I had been praying for God to provide a way for us to aquire them before the bookstore opened), my parents buy us the “Big Ticket Items” like the microscope for Christmas gifts, and we use the internet alot! My kids are very creative and eager to learn!

WE try to save money anyway that we can and that includes hanging out laundry in good weather, using cloth napkins, borrowing videos, books and music from the library and friends (we also loan out our things), share our lawnmower with friends and they share their utility trailer with us and provide us with free fertilizer for our garden (they have a horse) and many other things. Our kids swap Nintendo (the original Nintendo games, got some games and the machine for $2.00 at a yard sale) with friends, go to work for neighbors when they want to earn some spending money, and are getting really good at bargain shopping and cooking from scratch (they love to help me make bread and they are each in charge of making one complete meal a week). The boys also spend a lot of time just doing things for people “just because” and can frequently be found helping to weed or mow a neighbors yard, taking out their trash or taking care of their animals when they are on vacation.

I am very proud of them all!

Shopping sales, thrift stores, auctions and yard sales are not only a way of life for us but also a source of great amuzement! You never know what treasure you will unearth! Used bookstores are another one of our favorite hangouts. We love to trade in our “used and read” books for “new to us” books. We almost always come home with a new and exciting book that leads us off into another branch of learning.

Anyway, those are a few things that we do here! We enjoy a simple life full of friends, fellowship, love and lots of good food. Our home is a welcoming place for all our friends, young and old alike. Their is always room for a few more at the dinner table and the couches are quite comfortable to sleep on (according to our many friends who have stayed the night). Our lives are rich in the things that really matter to us!

To me living a frugal life really does free me up to enjoy and appreciate all that God has blessed us with!

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Now i remember my dad did the 52 weeks a year figuring with is budget – but that confuses me as i like to just figure one month at a time and i really like teh ” extra” ck every six months

Yep! We get paid once a month–which I like but then that’s all I’ve ever known. Anyway, I think it was Mary Hunt who suggested treating every month as if it only had 4 weeks. That last week might be a little long some times but it gets treated exactly the same in the budget as the other weeks. That I can handle. The game I “play” (seeing as I don’t get those “extra” two paychecks)is to save a bit here and there off the the budget and let the checking account accumulate up to the value of one month’s living expenses.

Once I get there, I can deposit the next paycheck right into savings or whatever big expense I want to put it toward. I only manage that about once a year but it is so fun to get that paycheck and think of it as “free money”–instead of “already spent” money!

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Question – sahm’s and paying off debts

Well i told my boss i am pregnant – and will probably take my leave in January and take at least 6 months- ( left her a note as i never see her as i work weekend / or nights) she called me this week and was soo nice – she was like “oh and don’t worry your seniority will be held for when you want to come back” ( i basically am a sub – i fill in shifts when they are available – they call to ask who wants what shifts based on seniority)

Since we have paid off the minivan -i probably will be able to quit all together when the baby is born as long as nothing comes up – that is what scares me – the something coming up – i ALWAYS was the one to work an extra shift etc. when that happened and that will be unavailable- It will be extremely tight no extra $ at all – and i cannot imagine anywhere else i can cut back (i mean 200 a month for food cleaning beauty paper is pretty darned low for 6 of us soon to be 7 !!)

( oh and i get my AOL for free since i get reimbursed for doing testing for a site every week and honestly $20 isn’t gonna save the deal anyway )

i really think i can do it but do not want to severe ties with work totally just in case we have a problem (plus in 2 years Ds goes to high school and we go private that is a lot of money that’s not in the budget now )

So my question – IF you had the ability to go to work say 2 days a month -at a low stress job you actually liked – NOT have all the problems that go along with work ( child care – milage – clothing – food etc etc ) and would bring in probably $350 ( after taxes ) a month to help pay off debt for those two shifts would you consider it – ??

If i was debt free that would be one thing but i feel that the debts will just sit at the same place being paid off very slowly just the minimums if i am at home FT (unless DH gets a huge raise which is highly unlikely ) and 16 hours a month – well to be honest i know sham’s that go out one night a week and leave their kids for that same amt of time a month easily – which i rarely if ever do – and they will be with their dad

I think I am nuts — I mean I am finally – 99 % possibly able to be at home FT but NOT HAVING to work actually makes working maybe 2 x a month more appealing as it will get us out of debt sooner ( of course the baby would have to be 6 months to a year old for me to do it !!)

As I said it wound not be like leaving my kids to work fulltime it would be 2 x a month when they are asleep anyway – I leave when they are asleep ( 9:45pm and get home before they even awake ( 6: 15 am ) – and of course if they were sick I wouldn’t go in at all)

Boy am I confused LOL!!